I’m a celebrity-get me out of here 

Did you see I’m a celebrity last night? 
I hardly watch TV these days, but its probably one of only a few programs I will watch
When it does come on, I always wonder what I would be like doing those trails. 
Fair play to the ones who did that walk along the platform at 300 odd feet high. I would have crapped myself, haha. Not really in to heights. Also, I can’t handle rats and other similar rodents. 
I’d also probably get a bit bad tempered, trying to manage the tight food rations. That would really do my head in. 
Anyway, I’ll be watching it over the coming weeks and the line up seems to be good, so should be entertaining 
“I was inactive, feeling depressed and eating junk food. I needed to do something”

Have you seen this video, where I interviewed one of my clients, Jeanette, who has been attending my Boxercise sessions for 5 months now ? Jeanette was in such a tough situation when she contacted me, she was in tears when she phoned. Since then, she has gone on to lose almost 2 stone in weight and 25 inches from around her body. “This is the best thing I’ve ever done. The women are lovely. I feel so much more fitter and healthier now”. Check out the video and let me know what you think  
Lose 6lbs in 6 weeks – Challenge 

Would you like to lose 6lbs in 6 weeks? Tonight is the start of my new 6 week challenge, and i only have 1 place left for it now. Here’s what the course includes:

1. 2-5 Boxercise classes a week for the next 6 weeks 

2. 1 Weight training session a week, to help you build some muscle tone and start changing the shape of your body.

3. Attend a coaching and mentoring session, to make sure you are on track

4. Follow the diet plan that I give out in class. It works. 

5. Work with an accountability partner from class, who will help you stay on track 
The cost of the program is £150, and it starts tonight. If you cant start tonight, you are ok to start tomorrow. If you are serious about losing the 6lbs, just in time for Christmas, then you must do at least 3 sessions a week. If you would like to book on, then please contact me asap. 
Coming soon, the story when I used to go to Buzz nightclub

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Paul 🙂