I’m getting a bigger ass

Yesterday, I was at the gym, doing my leg workout ( Wednesday is leg day ) 
While doing squats, I accidentally ripped my pants. At first, I thought it was just a small rip. 
I double checked in the mirror. Couldn’t really notice anything at first. 
I then carried on, and they ripped even more. This time a much bigger rip, haha
When I checked, the whole of the seem had ripped, wide open. 
Even the material underneath had ripped. 
Just as well I had black underwear on underneath, haha ( and there were no women about, hehe ) 
I’ve being doing weight training now for about 27 years, and over that time, I’ve had a few compliments about my bum, haha.
It’s a combination of squats and lunges, that helps get that attention ( with correct technique and repetition ) 
I don’t mind it getting bigger, as long as my waist stays the same, haha ( 32′)
Want a more toned booty?

If you are interested in getting a more toned bum, or want to work on any other area, then please get in touch. I provide ‘women only weight training sessions’ , and we work on all the major areas of the body, over a 12 week period. The next program starts the beginning of January , with only 3 places available 

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Paul 🙂