IMPORTANT: When you don’t eat enough

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Recently, some of my private clients and clients from my programs, have joined my ‘myfitnesspal’, private group. 
If you, or they, put their settings on public, then I can see what they are eating ( providing it is being recorded ), throughout the day. 
One of the things that the site does, is that it calculates how many calories you can eat, depending on your goal.  

The problem though, which is what is popping up, is that some people are eating what they like, and thinking that they are still going to lose weight, because their calorie intake is a lot less than what is suggested 
The Problem

When you suddenly drop your calories, your metabolism can really slow down, and you can start losing muscle 
Remember, one of the things we are trying to achieve through the sessions, is to gain muscle tone ( which in turn will speed up your metabolism, and helping you to get your body fat % down ) 
A sudden drop in calorie intake, can send your body into shock. It can effect your immune system ( if you are not taking in the nutrients your body needs ) 
Also, having a chocolate bar, and then maybe a mince pie, and then something else, will raise your blood sugar levels. Too much sugar will contribute towards weight gain, and your insulin will favor body fat, rather than muscle glycogen, when taking in carbohydrates and sugars. 

*Insulin acts as a bus, and takes food to were it needs to go
Key Points – follow these, they work 

1. Try and follow the diet that I give out in class – works

2. The 10 day detox is great, and you will lose 6-9lbs, guaranteed 

3. If you are not getting much response from No1, then keep a record of what you are eating. Maybe even weigh each meal. From here, we can then calculate your daily calorie intake. Once we have done this, we can then write a new diet plan, slightly dropping your calories and making sure that this is done over 5/6 meals in a day. We can also swap some of your carbohydrates for proteins and fats   
Meal Prep

If you are going to do any meal prepping, then Sunday is the day 
Are you drinking enough Water?

Also remember, you need to be hydrated. If you are dehydrated, then your body will give out signs, that it needs water, but can make you feel as if you are hungry. Try and drink at least 2 litres a day 
Hope these tips help

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