“In 5 weeks I lost 6 inches from around my body. I feel fitter and have more energy”

   “In 5 weeks, I’ve lost 6 inches from around my body. I feel Fitter, have more energy and feel so much 
Hope this message finds you well. Here is my latest video that I have done, were I have interviewed one of my clients, Kellie, who has been attending my Boxercise sessions for the past 5 weeks.  

Before Kellie started coming to my classes, she was working long hours, felt stressed out and didn’t have much time for herself. After only a few weeks, she has massively felt the benefits of training with me. And the thing is, I’ve not even given her any dietary advice or advice on motivation or focus yet. She has just attended my classes, followed my boxing routines and become addictive to my sessions.

Although Kellie has been fantastic and achieved great things in such a short period of time, these results are pretty common now amongst a lot of other people who are attending my training sessions

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