“It’s too expensive”

Every now and again, or even more recently lately, I tend to get a message or comment saying, “its too expensive” ( my training programs )
Thing is, there’s other trainers across the country, who are charging 3 times as much as what I’m charging and run a similar business model 
Thing about my prices, Is that I know there not the cheapest in town and there not the most expensive 
If you look at the history of my classes or me as a trainer, there’s tons of women now, who have massively benefitted from my training methods 
Imagine going into Tesco or maybe Asda, and seeing a can of ‘confidence’
It absolutely guaranteed that you would be feeling fitter, slimmer, have more energy, doing more socialising, dating again ( if that’s what you wanted ), applying for a better job, you wouldn’t be underselling yourself again, in fact you’d be upselling yourself etc. In a nutshell, you’d be a complete new you
How much do you think it would be worth?
If it was for a £1000, would you buy it?
When you get new found confidence, the world can be your oyster 
Not lets look at the downside of not investing in yourself:
1. Feeling depressed and possibly taking medication 

2. Have other illnesses, and possibly taking more medication 

3. Buying bigger clothes 

4. No energy, so therefore using the car more often and getting taxis 

5. No social life

6. Underselling yourself in your job 

7. Poor diet, no motivation to cook ( which can be more expensive than having a healthy diet ) 

8. Taking days off work, sick

9. Drinking too much alcohol ( to try and make you feel confident ) 

10. Maybe taking drugs ( to try and make you feel confident )
In fact, the list could go on and on. An unhealthy lifestyle probably costs someone a lot more money than someone having a healthy one, in the long run 
So when you go back and look at what women actually achieve through training with me, its not that much at all. 
And I take the first initial payment upfront, because that gives me your commitment, and once your committed, you’ll get all the results your after  
So, what do you think? 
Interested in becoming more confident this Summer? 
If so, drop me a line, and lets get started 
P.S. Tomorrow, my thoughts on Jamie and Louse Redknapp, and its to do with confidence ( again ) 
Paul ūüôā