I’ve been burgled 

Last Friday afternoon, I got burgled 

I’m even beginning to struggle to write this email, as I begin to think about it.

The neighbour has been burgled twice this year, but I’ve been confident all along, thinking that nothing would happen to my property, but now it has 

I did think to myself, that if I did get burgled, that would be cool, I’ll just claim for all new stuff, but now it has happened, I actually feel sick. 

It’s that kind of feeling of being dumped ( if you’ve ever been dumped in a seriousish relationship haha ). 

Can’t get focussed, not much appetite, can’t be arsed moving etc 

I’m quite an emotional person and a deep thinker, so god knows hold long this is going to take now for me to get a clear head from it 

When I opened the front door, the internal door was locked. I kind of guessed instantly what had happened. 

I barged the door open, and immediately seen that the TV had been taken off the wall. 

I ran through to the bag door and the window panel had been put through. I couldn’t believe it

I was shocked 

The house had been tipped upside down 

Cash, tv, iPad, watches, PlayStation, bag, computer ( which contained loads of stuff connected to the business ) some equipment etc, had all been taken 

I’ve hardly done anything since really. I’ve just struggled to get going 

I bought the house 12 years ago now. It was burnt out when I bought it. Its not in the best area 

I’ve developed a bit of love towards it since I’ve had it, and it’s certainly seen me at my most vulnerable, over the years 

When I bought it, I was on a crest of a wave. Business was booming and I had an exclusive clientele base for personal training. 

I bought it to make money on ( which I did ), in order for me to move onto something better 

But once I’d had it a month or so, my business massively nose dived, and within about 12 months, I was skint 

It was unbelievable. I couldn’t get my head around it at the time 

I was spending my spare time in the house, trying to get the work done on it ( on my own ), and buying a packet of John west light lunch tuna, to last me all day. 

Mentally, it was really challenging 

Because I needed the money, I ended up working in high secure mental units and working 12 hour shifts 

I also did some care work in between, working with top end autism and cerebral palsy ( even did personal care )

This went on for years. I just couldn’t get my head around what was happening with my life. 

One minute I was in men’s health magazine, and the next I was in a high secure unit, working 12 hour shifts, eating off plastic cutlery, with some dangerous people 

Anyway, 7 years ago, I decided to go back to teaching Boxercise, and since then, my clientele base has massively grown again, in fact, the biggest it’s ever been.

I now only take clients on through application only and I have established myself again, ‘as the go to guy’, in helping women regain their confidence 

I maybe floored at the moment, but I’m not knocked out, and I still have my dreams of living somewhere a lot more exclusive and living the kind of lifestyle I want 

So I really need your help ( and I’m prepared to help you too ) 

If at the moment, you fear your husband leaving you 

Your avoiding social events, due to your size and weight 

Your embarrassed about wearing loose clothing in the heat 

You get embarrassed, bumping into old friends or work colleagues, because your overweight 

Your underselling yourself, in all aspects of your life

Your getting in from work, lying on the couch, eating junk food and feeling depressed 

You want to start dating again, but haven’t the confidence to do so 

You have no idea where your life is going, and you need some direction etc 

If you suffer with any of this, then let me help you, and in turn, you’ll be helping me ( if you sign upto one of my programs ) 

Fill out this application form connected to this link, and lets get started 

Strictly Boxing Classes

P.S. The new 12 week Women Only Weight Training course will be starting next Monday, only 2 spaces available 

Paul 🙂