“I’ve been in jail” 

This morning, I checked out a new gym 
I bumped into a guy, who used to attend my Boxercise sessions, almost 20 years ago ( yep, I’ve been around that long ) 
“Hey, I’ve not seen you in ages”, I said
“I’ve been in jail”, was his response 
“Ye joking”, etc etc, and the conversation continued 
He didn’t go into too much detail about how he ended up there, and I wasn’t really that interested, but what come to light was, he’d been seduced by the fruits of what could be gained from the situation, and was influenced by people around him
“Whoever you surround yourself with, you become”

I’m sure we’ve all come across the above statement, every now and again, but its true
Are you in the right environment? 

Think about what you want to achieve or where you want to go. Are you in the right environment? Have you got people around you, who are going to help you get to your desired outcome, while offering you support? 
“Started training with paul 12 weeks ago doing 3 boxercise classes per week.After years of doing no exercise im quickly gaining confidence.Classes are fun and varied for all levels of fittnes….a lovely group of women….paul is very experienced and supportive” Becky, Dec 16.
Certainly, when it comes to losing weight and helping women, I make sure I get the right people in, who are going to contribute towards our environment, while helping you have a great experience, while achieving your goals  
Will you be wearing baggy clothes over Christmas? If so, get in touch with me, and find out how I can help ( that’s if you want to start wearing sexier ones ) 

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Paul 🙂