I’ve booked a holiday

I’ve finally booked a holiday

In fact, it’s the first time I’ve booked one in almost 4 years

During that time, ive purely been focussing on my classes and programs

But when the opportunity came about, to book a trip to Vegas with some mates,

I couldn’t turn it down

So I’m looking forward to it

But isn’t it funny, once you book a holiday

You can immediately begin to think of how you would look and feel, on the beach

Or maybe when your going out of an evening

Me and a mate have already been joking with each other, about the training we’re going to have to do, in order to get in shape for it, haha

Not that I need much training mind

But I often receive messages from women,

Who are in a similar position to myself

Who are booking or have booked a holiday

And already worried about how they will look on the beach or around the pool

Are you currently in this position?

If so, I might have something for you

Next Wednesday evening, I’m running a Free Seminar, titled:

‘How to get your confidence back’

Where I’ll be going over the key things, on what you need to be doing, in order to get your confidence back, within a period

Are you losing any weight?

Are you currently drinking a lot of coffee or caffeine?

Do you actually know what you want and why you want it?

Are you eating enough protein?

Drinking enough water?

Do you ever visualise yourself being, where you want to be?

Etc etc

I’ll be covering all this and more, at the seminar

So, if you want to step up this year

I’m going to help you get started,

Next Wednesday, 7th February, 7.30pm,

St Mary’s Church Hall, St Mary’s road, Garston L19 0NE

Hope to see you then

Paul ‘guest speaker’ Coshott

PS – This will be the last free talk I’ll be doing for a while