I’ve had enough

As you might have been aware, it was my birthday on Friday

So I more or less spent the weekend chilling out, watching the footy and visiting my parents

However, I did receive a message yesterday from a guy who I know, who was rather distressed

‘Hello mate, I’m going to pack in work. I’m mentally and physically fu*ked. I’ve ballooned to nearly 21 stone. I can’t believe it. Will you help me’

Thing is, this is not uncommon

As we get older, or hit our 40’s, it really does get harder ( even for me )

It’s so easy for us to get in a rut, and once things escalate, we really are on a downward spiral

Things become a lot harder

Mentally we’re effected, which effects everything else

And, because were so out of shape, we’re too frightened to go to an exercise class

We feel embarrassed

I’m possibly not in the same position as yourself, but over the years, I’ve probably spoken to 100s of people, mainly women, about the issues they have regarding their weight and other issues

The majority of the time, we live in comfort zones

Things won’t be right in areas of our lives, but we’ll convince ourselves that they are

But then, something has to really happen for us to take action

And that moment won’t last very long, because as time goes, we’ll start procrastinating and then move back into our comfort zones

I see this happen all the time, and again, I do it

And I know it’s easier said than done, but my advice to you today is, don’t wait to get yourself in a position were your saying to yourself,

‘I’ve had enough’

Do something about the issue, today

Because times ticking on, and the longer you leave it, the harder it will get, and your health will pay the consequences for it

Paul ‘here if you need me’ Coshott

PS – I’m only here for this week though. Next week I’ll be on holiday. Classes will be covered. Hence, this is the last week I can take bookings for my 6 week body transformation program. Apply here: