“I’ve lost 7lbs and 6 inches in 4 weeks”

Here’s a recent interview I have done with one of my clients, Katie.

Katie has been attending my training program for 6 months 

Before Katie signed up with me, she was attending a gym

“I just wasn’t seeing results”

After Katie seen one of my ads, she signed up to me for 6 weeks, participating in both boxercise and weight training sessions. After the 6 weeks, she then signed up to a 3 month training program 

“I got addicted to the boxercise sessions immediately. I’d not done anything like your classes before. I was seeing results and becoming more confident”

Once that training program finished, katie then signed up for another 3 months 

“In the last 4 weeks I’ve lost 6inches from around my body and 7lbs in body weight in 4 weeks. The whole process has been fully enjoyable. I always look forward to the training sessions”

Katie has also been attending my coaching sessions, which have kept her on track 

“Don’t hesitate, just come. There’s people here that have been coming for a couple of years, because they’re getting results”

‘Women Only’ Enjoy Easter Confidently this year – Training program. 1 Place available 
I now only have 1 place left for my latest training program. It’s a 6 week course and includes the following:
1. All Boxercise sessions for the next 6 weeks 
2. Attend 1 group weight training session a week, which will help you build muscle tone and speed up your metabolism 
3. Follow the diet plan that I give out in class ( it works ) 
4. Join my private ‘Myfitnesspal’ community, so I can keep an eye on your progress and what you are eating 
5. Attend our coaching and mentoring sessions, to help keep you on track and also work with someone else from the class, so you are being held accountable 

The cost of the program is £150 and I only have 1 place left for it. You really need to start this week, in order to see and feel the benefits before Easter 

Paul 🙂