KFCs chicken crisis extended

Did you know that the kfc chicken crisis is causing British society to be on the brink of collapse

In case you missed it, KFC has ran out of chicken, and it’s causing havoc across the uk

I know, I’m as traumatised as what you are.

After a change in delivery contracts, drivers have been unable to deliver the huge amounts of chicken, to many UK branches

People are up in arms, and you’d think it was the beginning of a nuclear war

I mean, you can’t really have Kentucky fried chicken, without the chicken, can you?

Personally, I don’t really care too much about what has happened with KFC

If you know anything about how it first come about, it’s actually an amazing story

Otherwise, does it actually have any nutritional value?

Have you been effected by the closures of KFC?

Has it done you a favour?

Paul ‘nandos’ Coshott

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Giving you more nutritional value

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