Last Weekend….

Last Weekend…

IHey there…

Hope you’re well?

Last weekend, we had our annual training weekend away,

On Saturday morning, we had a bike ride along Lake Vrnwy, which was absolutely gorgeous. Lunch time we had our lunch in the Hotel, overlooking the lake, and then we did a walk to a water fall

On Sunday, we participated in the ‘Lake Vrnwy Challenge’, which consisted of canoeing, raft building, swing bridge building and then another canoe journey.

All in all, a brilliant weekend, and everyone loved it. It was the fourth one I’ve done now, and they seem to just get better and better each time, and the people who attend them, get a lot out of them as well

Anyhoo, I’ve been thinking…….

Next Year –

Due to the success of the residential weekends, I have decided to put 3-4 of them on next year, every quarter after the weight training program

i.e. Monday 7th of January, New 12 week, Total Body Transformation program starts. After the 12 weeks, we have 1 week break. During the one week break, that’s when we will have the training weekend away

The weekend away will become part of the 12 week Total Body Transformation program, therefore, I have something in place, to help challenge people more mentally, which in turn, will help them break down negative beliefs about themselves etc

Throughout the year, I will possibly use a different location, so that we are doing something different each time

The first weekend away next year, will hopefully be Friday 5th April – Sunday 7th April

I can only fit in 10 people at a time on each weekend

In November, I will have a special offer on, if people are interested in paying for 12 months of training ( including the weekend away and other bits ) upfront, and getting almost 50% discount on their training fees. The deadline to sign up for this will be November 30th

In the meantime, check out the video above, to get an idea of what we got upto last weekend

As usual, hit me up if you have any questions or issues

Paul ‘planning ahead’ Coshott

PS – The doors close on my current 6 week body transformation program, next Wednesday – if you’re interested in joining 🙂 #liverpool #liverpoolpersonaltrainer #personaltrainerliverpool