Meeting Sir Alan Sugar 

Do you watch the apprentice? 

It’s actually come back on our screens this week ( or was it last? ) 

I actually met Sir Alan Sugar, about 20 years ago, when I won young achiever of the year by the prince’s trust 

Anyway, as your probably aware, the object of the show, is to help turn a wannabe entrepreneurs in to Sir Alan Sugars apprentice 

Over a period of a few weeks, they have to overcome a serious of challenges, and then eventually, there’s only about 3 people left 

Everything is done through trial and error 

Some people who get eliminated, probably wish they had done things differently, once they have left the show 

Imagine if they started off being Sir Alan Sugars apprentice from the start 

The money would come quicker, 

Which then leads to the lifestyle, 

Cars, houses, apartments, holidays clothes etc

Success breaths confidence, which then leads onto other things 

If you were Sir Alan Sugars apprentice, everything could happen so quickly, all within a couple of months.

How cool would that be? 

Losing weight, getting fitter, tying to get our confidence back, can be the same 

We try and do things on our own 

We follow the diet plans that the stars follow 

We follow their workouts 

We try cutting out carbs 

We try and latest exercise craze 

We try and do a yoga stretch of a morning 

Maybe even read ‘The Secret’ thinking that all our dreams are going to come true from reading that

And guess what, once we have done all this, were no further forward 

Imagine if you knew someone who could quickly direct you to all your goals 

Someone who has worked with 100s of women, just like you 

Someone who knows all the tools to help you get to where you want to go

Someone who is super confident in what they teach, and know that it works 

Someone, who will also offer a money guarantee, so should you not be happy with what you are getting, they’ll give you your money back 

Well, that person is me

I can help you

And I’m known as the ‘go to guy’ to help women get their fitness and confidence back 

Once you start working with me, I’ll teach you how to:

Get fitter, slimmer, and more confident through my Women only boxing and weight training classes 

Give you expert nutrition guidance and help you follow a basic nutritional plan, which has worked with 100s of women that I have trained 

Help you put together a 90 day action plan, and help you get clear on what you want within 90 days 

Give you 2 free downloadable training videos, that are going to help and support you, once you start training with me
Fancy becoming my apprentice and achieving the things you truly desire? If so, click the link below

Strictly Boxing Classes

Paul 🙂