Mental health: benefits of boxing

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Mental health is slowly getting more exposure these days in the media, and more and more people seem to be being more open about their ‘black dog’ ( Winston Churchill’s name for depression ) 
Years ago, I just wasn’t feeling myself,and ended up going the doctors about it. Long story short, I ended up going on anti depressants ( something I don’t really approve of ). I only took them for a short period, before seeing a physcotherapist, and then going on to become a qualified life coach and NLP therapist. 
Now with more experience of life, I know when I feel down and what I need to do about it
I guess all of us can have issues every now and again, and I know with teaching classes and doing PT, there’s always someone now who is suffering with some kind of mental health issue
Last week, Prince Harry done a interview about how he took up boxing when his mother died 
Certainly, boxing or exercise, can be amazing for someone ones wellbeing, and exercise is now being prescribed more by mental health experts. Check out the link for the full article here:
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“I lacked confidence and was in a rut. The more I trained with you, the better the results I was getting”
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