“My body fat % has come down from 34 to 24%”

“The more I’ve trained with you, the better the results I’ve seen”

Check out this interview with one of my Clients, Jan, who has been attending my Boxercise and Weight training sessions for just over 6 months now

At the beginning, Jan, and her daughter Jess, wanted to do a class together

“My daughter came up with this idea to do Boxercise. We did a search and found you”

Jan and Jess then came along for the free trial week

“I was in a rut, and just going through the same things at my gym and needed to do something. I enjoyed the free trial week and it was good camaraderie with the girls, as it’s an all female class. I’d never had a male instructor before and I found you really motivating and dedicated to what you do”

Jan and her daughter Jess, both signed up to a 3 month course, just doing one session a week.

“I wasn’t sure at first, if I’d be able to do more than one session a week. I missed a few sessions as I’d been on holiday, so had to do catch up sessions, to make up. I then realised I could do more sessions”

Jan then signed up to do 4 sessions a week, 2 weight sessions and 2 boxercise sessions. Her body fat % has come down from 34 to 24%

“I could see the progress and I like what I’m seeing. My fitness are brilliant now. I feel like I’ll have a longer life span”
“The whole process of working with you has been brilliant. Your always there, making sure technique is tight, whether that be in boxercise or the weights classes.”

“Everybody is different here and there’s no competitiveness and the girls are great”

If you are interested in getting similar results to Jan, or maybe you are already at a gym and just going through the motions and working in a comfort zone, then please get in touch with me and let me help you

“Come along to the classes and prove how good you can be”

Paul 🙂