My ‘dance off’, at the Xmas doo

On Friday night, we had our Boxercise Christmas Doo, at the Devonshire Hotel 
One of the top rules I’ve learnt in life, is that you need to know how to do a Grapevine. You’ll never know when you’ll need it, as I found out on Friday night, haha
I’d totally forgotten about the dance off, and I thought it would have been a team game, but unfortunately, it was every man for themselves on the dance floor, and being the only fella in the group, I was nominated. 
Anyway, I didn’t back down and I went along with it. 
I was on the dance floor with about 5 other fellas. At first, I didn’t do too badly ( I thought – using a basic grapevine, haha ), but after that, we had to dance on our own, and I was last 
Haha, the stupid thing I did though, when it came around to my turn, I turned and faced everyone, and there must have been about 300 + people looking at me, haha, I honestly froze, and so did my grapevine and moves haha. I didn’t know what to do. It actually me of other situations I’ve been in, in the past, and I’ve just froze
One of the other guys won the little comp, but it was all good fun and lead to a great night. My confidence was certainly challenged, haha
Some people posted the videos up on facebook, but I darent look, Totally cringe worthy, haha
“I feel a lot more confident now”

Talking of confidence, check out the video connected to this message. It’s with one of my clients, Kathy, who attends my Boxercise classes. At the time of this interview, Kathy had been attending my sessions for about 3 months ( I think ). Not only has Kathy lost weight and can move a lot more easily now, the main thing for her is that she feels a lot more confident. Check it out and let me know what you think 
Are you ready for party season? 
I’m still here ( although my confidence is shattered, haha ), if you want a serious chat about losing weight and feeling fitter for Christmas. 
Check out how good some of my clients look below 
Paul 🙂