My job as a stripper

Not long after I’d started doing Personal training, I was approached by a friend of mine, to do a bit of work as a stripper, in a night club in Wales

Being only 22 at the time, and full of testosterone, I jumped at the chance

Just before my first job, I trained my ass off and did a couple of sunbeds, making sure I was toned and tanned

Anyhoo, driving down to do my first job in Llandudno, truth be told, I was a nervous wreck

I got to this nightclub, and met up with the other lads. It’s was a Women Only night, and it’s was a sell out

Now I was Sh*ting myself ??? Alcohol for some Women can be an aphrodisiac

I vaguely remember frantically getting ready for our first song, and nerves really beginning to kick in, as the DJ was working the crowd

Long story short ( before I go into the full details of the night ), I had a great time

I did it about half a dozen times, and each time I was going down to Wales, i felt exactly the same, although the nerves weren’t as bad as the first couple of times

And here’s the point I’m trying to make….

Whether you’re joining a new exercise program, martial arts club, new job, moving to a new area, joining a new social circle etc

You’ll probably always feel a bit apprehensive and nervous at the beginning

It’s mainly to do with coming out of your comfort zone.

Your comfort zone slightly expands, and as it expands, it will take you a period to acclimatise to it….

And when you acclimatise to it, that’s when you get rewarded with brand new confidence ( which then leads on to other things )

I’m not suggesting today that you become a lap dancer or stripper, ??, but if you want to improve an area of your identity, then you’re going to have to step out of your comfort zone every now and again

Paul ‘magic mike’ Coshott

PS – If your not interested in coming out of your comfort zone, every now and again, and your happy with where you are…

then that’s cool, but your on the wrong email list