New Class Timetable

You might be aware, that at the end of September, we might have to move out of the church hall on a Wednesday evening ( St Mary’s )

This isn’t confirmed yet, but the members of the church committee, want to run a Youth Club that night

This has prompted me to give serious thought towards moving into my own studio

Having my own place has never really been on any of my business plans over the years

But with the growth of the classes, which has been somewhat accidental, I’ve landed in this position

And with the forecast of new growth, and other plans for my business, being in my own studio, could really help us all step up to the next level


Here’s a proposal of what’s possibly going to happen over the next few months:

New Class Timetable:

Monday – 6.15 Boxing. 8pm Weights ( upper body )

Tuesday – 6.15 Boxing. 7.45pm Weights ( lower body )

Wednesday – 6.45 Boxing. 8pm Weights ( upper body )

Thursday – Weights night

Saturday – 10am Boxing

The weight training program is a 12 week course, and will be split up as follows:

First 4 weeks – Body Fat reduction

Second 4 weeks – Toning

Third 4 weeks – Shred phase

I’ve given this quite a lot of thought, and if a client was to do 3-4 weight training sessions a week, the results they would get, would be doubled or tripled to what a client can get now ( re body shape, strength, drop in dress sizes etc )

There’s quite a big difference between clients who are doing weights once a week, against the clients who are doing it twice a week. I can see the difference with people

The extra weight training sessions will possibly start at the end of this month. At the end of September, we will move into Proflex for the Wednesday night, so we’ll do a class on the bags, and then go on to the weights

In some areas, I’ll probably have to tweak the prices, but I believe that this new timetable, will be better than the current one, and has the potential to deliver even better results for the client

This new timetable will be ran up until Christmas. In the meantime, I’ll be making sure that everyone is getting what they want from the program(s), classes.

I’ll also be looking for a venue to move into, which might be early 2019.

The venue will have to be big ( possibly 1-2k a month rent ), which will then help me do what I want to do with it, while helping me provide a better service to you all.

The classes could be so much better, with more facilities on offer

Anyway, I’m adding more detail to this plan as I speak, but thought I would give you a quick heads up ?

Paul ‘the futures bright’ Coshott

PS – The doors will open to just 4 people next week, for my 6 week body transformation program. To apply early, click on the following link and fill out the short application form: