New Love Island Series 

Did you see the final of love island last night? Had you been watching it? 

I didn’t see any of it. Personally, it’s not my cup of tea. However…..

One or two people in the media are already calling for a new series 

But this time, with people aged between 30 – 40+

Imagine that 

The contestants of this years series certainly got attention with there buff and toned bodies 

With that age group, it’s a lot easier to achieve those kind of results 

Unfortunately, as we get older, it gets harder 

Not only are our testosterone and growth hormones dropping, we also have other issues going on in our lives….

Kids, divorces, illnesses, different stresses etc 

If you were to go on love island, how would you look, feel? 

Would you be happy exposing your body? 

Fortunately, if you are planning on joining the new love island series ( if it happens ),

I have a proven formula that works. A combination of boxing and weight training, for women aged 30 – 40+ 

In fact, there’s no other program in Liverpool like it

And to prove it works, there’s quite a number of video interviews on my YouTube channel with clients, saying what they have achieved through training with me 

So if you want to follow this formula and maybe apply for the new suggested love series. Or maybe just to get ready for your summer holiday in general, click on the link below and fill out the short application form:

Strictly Boxing Classes

P.S. If your totally not interested in gaining the benefits of Boxing or Weight training, please click the ‘unsubscribe’ link on this message, as we’d be a bad fit together  

Paul 🙂