New Weight Training Course

                 Only 3 Places available. Deadline to register is this Friday 

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WOMEN ONLY: Private Weight Training Groups

*Would you like to learn how to use weights, and start feeling the full benefits of weight training?
*Would you like to start creating ‘Curves’ in your body, and reduce your body fat?
*Would you like to start feeling stronger and more confident again, and train in a supportive environment?

My new ‘Women Only’ weight training program is due to start again on Monday 3rd April.

It’s almost 2 years now since I started putting these sessions together ( due to interest from my current client base ), and the sessions have been hugely successful. The interest in them has massively grown since they started

It’s 21 years next month since I started my business as a Personal Trainer, and weight training has always been the back bone of my training programs

Other benefits of weight training include:

*Faster metabolism 

*Reduced stress 

*Improvement in posture 

*Stronger Core Muscles

There’s possibly only about 3 Places available now for this new 12 week program
If you are interested in joining this, and would like to book in for a Free Trial week, then please contact me.

The deadline to register is Friday 31st March