Obesity causes cancer

Do you watch Loose Women? ( I do, sometimes, haha ) 
Over the past week or so, they’ve been talking about body image, and why women should be proud of their bodies, which is great. 
In the meantime though, this advert on the London Underground is begining to cause a storm, Apparently, Sadiq Kahn ( one of the loose women panelists ) has promised to put a stop on no body shaming adverts. 
Personally, I just had a little look at it, and that was it. 
I’m sure since the Loose Women started this kind of campaign, loads of women came out and said how happy they were with there bodies, again, which is great. But, they’ll be loads of women who will have came out and said that they are happy in their bodies, but deep down, they’re not. 
And a lot of these women will be obese. An they’ll be obese, because deep down, they’ll have issues that they need to work on 
And the bottom line is, obesity can contribute towards cancer 
My mum had breast cancer about 12 years ago now, and she was a lot bigger back then, than she is now ( thank god she is still here ). I was certain that her weight contributed towards the cancer
Anyway, hope I haven’t put you in a dull state, at the begining of the weekend, haha
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