On your marks…….

Get Set


That’s right, Amiga

Its ‘go’ time

The first ‘proper’ working day of the year ( well the second one, I know I’m a bit late )

Time to put all that “New Year, New Me” stuff into practice

So with that in mind, I have to ask…….

Whats the plan?

How are you going to get Fitter?


Feel more Confident again?

Start enjoying your Social life again?

Come off anti depressants, and other drugs you might use or rely on?

Hopefully, you have a SYSTEM in place, to help do all this for you

But if not?

You’re making life VERY difficult for yourself

Luckily, your ‘Uncle Paul’ is here to help

And whilst I can’t cover everything that you need to know in ONE single email

I CAN help you get started

SLOWLY build up your Fitness and Confidence

Make you FEEL more comfortable in my sessions and introduce you to the rest of my clients ( who have been in the same position you might be in )

Which in turn, will MASSIVELY boost your mental well being.

How does that sound?

If you’re interested, I’m happy for you to come along to and check out one of my ‘Women Only Boxing’ classes tonight, absolutely FREE

The first session is at 6.15pm ( class starts at 6.30pm ) and then the second one is at 7.40pm

I’m only prepared to offer this to 2 Women, so please be quick if you are interested

Paul ‘Man with a Plan’ Coshott

PS – If you really are interested and serious in getting 2018 off to a strong start……

and I GUARANTEE a successful finish,

Go here, and apply for my 6 week Body Transformation Program:


To claim for a FREE WEEK of Private Weight Training Sessions, please go here:

Strictly Weight Training Classes

The New Weights program starts on Monday 8th January