Pre Summer training program

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On Monday, 9th April

My new ‘pre summer training’ program will start

This is a 12 week ‘Women Only’ training program, that will consist of 2 weight training sessions a week and 2/3 boxing sessions a week

Why weights?

We use weights, In order to build up muscle tone. As a result of more muscle tone, your body will have to work harder to preserve it, therefore speeding up your metabolism and bringing down your body fat %. The conclusion of this, will be a change in body shape

Why Boxing?

I have taught boxing ( or pad classes ), for about 20 years now. For me, its the best studio class you can do. Its great for reducing stress levels, getting fit, enjoyment, losing body fat% and weight, and also muscle tone. A combination of Boxing and Weight training is, for me, the best formula, for helping your body look more attractive again and improving your confidence

Diet/ Nutrition support

I will also give you 2 diet plans to follow. The first one I will give you, has a proven track record amongst women who attend my programs. Once you have tried to follow this for a period, I will then give you a more personalised diet plan, based on your calorie needs ( worth £45 )

Availability/ Free Trial.

There’s possibly only 1-2 spaces available for this course now. If you are interested in joining it and would like to come and check it out, please click on the following link and book in for a free week trial –

“I’ve made loads of new friends here. I liked what you were doing and that’s why I signed up. My confidence is back now. I’ve also gone form a size 14 to a 12” – Sarah

Check out this interview I’ve recently done with one of my clients. Sarah, who attends my women only Boxing and Weight training program

Paul ‘in demand’ Coshott

PS – If you still haven’t received a free copy of my new cook book, and would like one, just respond to this message and I’ll send one through to you