Promoting Feminism

Do you watch Celebrity Big Brother at all?

I’m not really a fan of it to be honest

However, the new show started on Tuesday…

and its an all Female cast ( for the moment )

The reason  for this,

Is to mark 100 years of Women’s right to vote

I’m not sure what the female activists, of the early 1900’s would think of it ( maybe disapprove with most things that happen in today’s society )

but there is still a difference between the sexes today


My Women Only sessions weren’t put together to help promote Feminism


I put them together,

So Women who were lacking in confidence..

Low self esteem..

feeling unfit

no energy

avoiding social events

on anti depressants or other medication

worried that their partners might leave them etc

Could train in a friendly and uplifting environment

with other like minded women

that would create new friendships

and help boost your confidence…

self esteem

weight loss


social life etc

Sounds too good to be true hey

But that’s what I deliver

So maybe I am promoting Feminism ( empowering women )

Paul ‘power to women’ Coshott

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