Residential Training Weekend away, sept 30th

Its not long now till this years Residential training weekend ( only 1 place left ) and I’m really looking forward to it. 
I think this year will be the best one I’ve ever done.
On the Saturday, we will be going up and down mount Snowdon 
I went up it a few weeks ago, and must admit, it was challenging. It was probably more challenging coming down than it was going up 
So, if your planning on coming on the weekend, or maybe you would like to go up it during the school holidays, here’s some quick tips: 
1. Footwear; Make sure you wear appropriate footwear. Some people were wearing trainers when I went up. I think your definitely better wearing boots, to help support your ankles. When your coming down the mountain, you’ll have constant stress on your ankles and they really need to be protected 
2. Clothing: 1. Wear a good pair of socks, preferably thick ones. 2. Either wear walking trousers or leggings. Do not wear jeans. You will need something loose and flexible. 3. Bring a light water proof jacket and base layers. also possibly gloves and a hat ( as it will be getting cold at the end of September ).
3. Use a backpack. This will contain your waterproof, drinks and snacks, blister plasters, food and sun screen 
Remember – There is now only one place left for this event. On the Sunday, we will be doing Gorge walking and a small abseil 
Free Trial: The End 

As from September, I will be no longer offering Free Week trials. I will explain why in tomorrows email 
Paul šŸ™‚