Reviewing your year

Around this time of the year, some of us will review the year we’ve had

This can highlight some great things that have happened to us or some negative things. Certainly Christmas and New Year can be an emotional time

Whilst my quest for you is to have a positive life and help guide you through your ups and downs, I have put together some points here that I hope will highlight some positive experiences you have had this year, as well as trying to help take you forward. Use a piece of paper or your phone to help take some notes.

Your accomplishments: What did you so, what did you overcome, what did you achieve?

What did you learn? We can all be hit with some tough situations and its important for our wellbeing that we try and take some positives from those situations or challengers

How do you feel about the year? How do you rate it? How satisfied are you?

Whats missing? What didn’t you do this year? What didn’t you achieve?

By answering this question, it sets you up for the next part………

Planning for the new year: Hopefully by doing this exercise it will give you some new questions to ask yourself and will help you plan for a better, more fulfilling new year

Hope it helps! Thank you again for reading my articles this year and I hope you all have positive and fulfilling Christmas and New year

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