Santa’s Watching

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I heard it until I was about 14 years old ( well maybe not that long )

And my niece is hearing it almost every day

It must be the ultimate behaviour modification tool

SECRET: I even told her that the alarm sensor in the living room was a camera where Santa could see her

‘Naughty uncle’

The result of “Santa’s watching” though?


Broccoli being eaten —– gotta eat that sh*t right?

Toys being tidied away…..

So it got me thinking…….

What do YOU….tell YOURSELF to ensure you do what you said you would?

Because if you’re not where you want to be right now in your life…..

That’s actually down to YOU

Not your coach, not your family, not your competition, not the time year, not the economy…..


Which, my friend….is a GOOD thing

Most people give themselves permission to not to do the required work ( weight loss, goals, other areas in their lives )

Permission to be distracted by reality TVĀ and gossip mags

Permission to dither around on Flakebook, twitter or even P*rnhub ( yep, I did just say that, but it does happen. I do it too – only joking, haha )

But what would happen if you STOPPED that?

Think you’d get more done?

Every time you’re avoiding CRITICAL work

Every time you’re procrastinating

Every time you’re putting sh*t off

Every time you’re messing around…….

Every time you’re telling yourself a story about how its ‘different for you’

‘You’re kids are watching’

OH SH*T!!!!

Think you’d do what you said you would?

Think you’d take action then?

Think you’d stop dithering around?

Listen, when I’ve trained parents and they’ve realised that spending an evening on flakebook, was stealing time from they’re kids and partner

When they’ve realised that NOT taking action was like STEALING attention from they’re partner and kids


And I helped them get focused on WHAT THEY WANTED ——- NOT what they felt like

Want to up your game?

Treat yourself to an early Christmas present, and enrol for my 6 week body transformation program:

Paul ‘Santas Sack’ Coshott

PS – Even though I make light of this

Your TIME with your kids is CRITICAL ( giving them attention, focus and energy )

You dither around when you could be producing?

Its on you

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