Saturday’s Class

How are you?

Unfortunately for me, I’ve had a lingering cold and bad chest for the past few weeks. Just cant get shut of it

And as a result, feel a bit drained

Anyway, a quick one today to let you know that there will be no Boxing class next Saturday morning, as we have our annual Christmas party the night before

And I defo wont be in any fit state to teach the class, haha

January 18 classes – Important

I am now already taking bookings for the Boxercise program in January. I have decided that the class sizes are going to be made smaller, so I have a bit more contact with people. Therefore, I only have a few places available now for new clients. If you would like to start my Women Only Boxercise program in January, then please contact me asap to reserve your place

Paul ūüôā

PS – If you are no longer interested in my services, then you always have the option of clicking on the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of this message