Screw it, let’s do it

Yesterday, while clearing up the office, I came across a book I read a couple of years ago, 
Screw it, Lets do it, by Richard Branson 
Its quite a small book, and goes over things like having faith in yourself, believing that anything can be done, living life to the full, never giving up etc
Quite a cool book if you like this sort of thing
If you have read any of his stuff, you’ll know that he is certainly someone who jumps into things with both feet and doesnt procrastinate 
Virgin planes, trains, flying around the world in a hot air balloon etc were all done with this ‘screw it lets do it’ attitude ( look where its got him by the way ) 
We’re almost 30 days in…..

On Saturday,were almost 30 days in to the year. Regarding a 90 day plan, the first 30 days are crucial. The majority of the work needs to be done, if you are to achieve your 90 day outcome
On Saturday….

On Saturday, I will be holding another seminar were we will continue talking about our 90 day plan, as well as cutting calories and carb rotating ( when the body stops giving up fat ) . This will start at 11am after the Boxercise session. If you have been procrastinating already this year and need help, then please come along 

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Hope to see you then 
Paul 🙂