Size 18/20 to a size 10/12

Did you see the recent interview I did with one of my clients, Claire, in yesterdays email?

( if you didnt, you can check it out here – )


Here’ s the first Interview I ever did with her, almost 4 years ago.

If you watch both videos, you’ll be able to see the massive transformation in her

but not just in weight loss, but also confidence too and body language

When she first started training with me, she was a size 18/20

In the first 3 months of attending, she lost 11lbs

She has carried on training with me, taking in the bits of advice I have given her over the years, and now she borders on a size 10/12

If you are interested in getting similar results to Claire, then click on the following link and apply to join my Women Only transformation program ( currently only 2 spaces left ) :

Paul ‘guru’ Coshott

PS – If getting fitter, slimmer and feeling more confident isn’t your thing this year, then that’s cool

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