Still doing the same thing?

The other day, I bumped into a client I used to train ( not naming the client or location )

Me: hey, how are you

Her: Awww Paul, I’ve not been good, blah, blah, blah

When this woman attended my sessions, or program, its fair to say that she was out of shape, and areas of her life were out of control

she was eating junk food

drinking fizzy drinks

on anti depressants


stopped going out

kept convincing herself that she was fine and happy, but in reality, she was far from it

when I started training her ( a few years back now )

she hadn’t exercised in years

from a very sedentary lifestyle

she went to being brilliant on the pads,

was fitter, stronger

started buying smaller clothes

was more in control of her life

started going on holiday etc etc

massively changed her life around

after a period, and getting great results, she left, with a familiar saying ( which was cool ),

“I’m going to join a gym”

Me: “That’s fine so and so. You’ve been a great client and done fantastic. Give me a shout if you ever need any further advice or help with anything”

Anyway, a couple of months down the line, she stopped going the gym

and slowly started going back to her old habits.

sometimes we get so far, and think that we’re fine, but we still need that extra support, guidance, advice, accountability etc around us, to help us to keep moving forward

when I seen her, she was slightly out of breath and sweating ( and that had nothing to do with my diminishing good looks, haha )

( she could take a joke mind )

Anyway, they’ll be more women in this position, I’m sure

and its beginning to get hotter now

Are yo currently in the same position as this lady? Slipped back into your old ways

Just doing the same thing over and over again

no goals, or ambition, and life’s just passing you by

If so, please give me a shout and let me help you

before Summer has finished

Paul ‘good listener’ Coshott

PS – If your totally not bothered about not having the energy to play with your kids this Summer,

eating junk food

and having the same year as you did last year

then that’s cool. each to their own I’d say. however, we probably wouldn’t be a good match to work with each other

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