This class has been put together, based on my experience, having trained in traditional Ju Jitsu and Lau Gar Kung Fu, also to mention my experience in teaching Boxing and Boxercise classes, in and around Liverpool

Although the name implies Kickboxing as a priority, the class also uses elbows, knees and punches, and as a result, can be more challenging than a Boxing class

Benefits of Kickboxing:
1. Great calorie burner
2. Tones entire body
3. Learn self defence movements
4. Great for stress relief
5. Improvement in well being and confidence

The class is also open to Men too, and it is held at my private studio, ‘Strictly Boxing’ Fitness studio, Garston, Liverpool, Tuesday evening, 6.15pm.

In the session, I will go through all the different style of kicks that we use, as well as the strikes, and then teach you some attacking and defensive combinations. A grading system is in place should you want to work towards sashes, but otherwise, most people who attend prefer to use this class more for a workout

Paul 🙂
Liverpool Personal Trainer