Struggling to sleep?

Are you struggling with your sleep?

Do you ever feel stressful, moody and have no energy?

If so, then check out this interview I’ve just done with one of my clients, Jude

Jude has been attending my Women Only Boxercise and weight training programs for almost 2 years.

She’d done fantastically well within that time and had lost a lot of weight, however, maybe about a few months ago now, she’d hit a plateau

She wasn’t losing anymore weight, and wasn’t really feeling the full benefits of the programs she was on

After a discussion with her, she decided to follow a ‘Gut reset program’ that would help her remove bad bacteria from around her gut, and in turn, help her to start feeling the full benefits of my programs

However, the main issue with Jude was sleep

“I just wasn’t getting any sleep at all. I was substituting water for coffee, thinking it would boost my energy levels, but it wasn’t’

On a scale of 1-10, Jude described her energy levels, sleep, stress levels and mood as 3/4 ( bad )

Jude then started the ‘Gut reset program’, which was a 3 week course. At first, she eliminated things like caffeine, wheat, sugar, artificial sugar, alcohol, dairy etc from her diet

After Jude completed the 3 week program, we went over her results. Her energy levels massively improved, as well as her mood and stress levels

But not only that, she started to have more sleep again. In fact, she then described her sleep as ‘8’, a massive improvement since she started the program

Added Bonuses:

Jude also lost half a stone, and can now fit into a size 8 jeans, for the first time in years

She’d also lost half an inch off each arm and an inch of each thigh

Overall, her results have been amazing

“By following this program, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. If you have an issue with sleep, then you need to follow this” Jude

Very soon, I will be running this program for just 4 people. If you would like to follow it and would like further details, please shoot me a message

Paul ‘healthy gut’ Coshott

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