The brutal reality of the school run

Every now and again, I go to schools and give out flyers for my kids Ju Jitsu classes ( i’m actually doing it again tomorrow ) 
I think about the school run 
I can imagine it to be absolute chaos for some parents 
getting the kids up, fed, dressed and to school on time 
like a military operation 
but there’s one thing I’ve noticed while at school yards ( remember I’m giving out flyers ) 
photo filters are INCREDIBLE 
let me explain 
I see a lot of parents ( I go to maybe half a dozen schools in the area )
then I’ll end up seeing some of them on social media ( friend of a friend, add friend etc ) 
you know where I’m going here right? 
in case you don’t 
what I see on social media, and what I see at these school yards
and I hate to be blunt
but its like comparing Susan Boyle to Scarlett Johansen 
Chalk…….. and Cheese  
Its incredible 
So whats this got to do with your success? 
Well, its a reminder really 
that what you see on social media…..can often be VERY different to real life 
so when it comes to hiring a coach or someone that helps you
do your homework, check out REAL life
and I’m more than happy to show you my results 
just so you know 
Paul ‘subo’ Coshott
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