The next party 

Amongst mountaineers, they have a saying: 

‘The party’s at the summit’ 

It was certainly a saying i heard a few times during our recent residential training weekend away

On Saturday, we had our ascent up mount snowdon. And to be honest, it was horrendous. It had constantly rained Friday night, and I wasn’t really expecting it to be the same on Saturday, but it was

It absolutely lashed down. 

Probably the majority of people wouldn’t have even entertained it, but our group ( women from weight training and boxercise classes, ), took it on

And battled through it

Until we got to the top, which was fantastic, but remember, that’s only half the trip 

At this point, we were soaked, cold and achy, and we had to get back down 

The descent was challenging again, but we made it

The facial expressions said it all, when we got back to the bunkhouse 

Yesterday, we went gorge walking 

This was a lot tougher than I though it was going to be

Basically, we were climbing up a rock face, 250 – 300 feet high. 

Scrambling over bolder’s, as well as walking through deep waters and dealing with water falls 

Mentally challenging, and to some, terrifying. Even I had a little moment of panic 

So, when mountaineers saying the party is at the summit

What they mean is, all the confidence and other feelings you will get from challengers like that, are at the top, or the end 

You see, I hear so many women say things like: 

“I would love to join your classes, but I haven’t the confidence”

“I would love to be able to do that, but I’m just so unfit”

“I wouldn’t be able to mix with all those people, I haven’t got the confidence”

“I would love to join the weights program, but I’m just not strong” 

You see, all the goals, the benefits, the feelings, are all at end 

Which is why ‘the party is the the summit’ ( the end )

But then, ‘the end’ is a new beginning 

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