The X Factor

Tonight ( unfortunitely ) The X Factor TV show is back on. 
Its not a program I watch to be honest, but I get the jist in how it works. Simon Cowell and his team, try and find that special someone, who has got the ‘X Factor’ . That thing or talent, that is going to help them sell records. 
Thing is, we’re all looking for the X factor, every day of our lives. Maybe for a potential relationship, or maybe we want to buy something or need something. Something ‘ the x factor’, has to be in place for us to make a decision 
I will give you the X Factor

When people get in touch with me regarding Personal Training, Boxercise or Weight Training classes, they tell me where they are at, at that moment ie, depressed, unfit, low self esteem etc. What I then try and do, is put a plan in place, that is going to erase all their problems, while giving them the ‘X Factor’
And when you get the ‘X factor’, or even just feeling much better within yourself, it leads on to other things. 
I know this, because I have spent 20 years of my life fine tuning all my training programs, which is now why I get more people attending my classes than ever before, and more people are getting great results from my programs, then ever before
I have been working with Paul Coshott now for 14 weeks. I have been attending his boxercise classes 3 times a week. With Paul’s help and guidance I have completely changed my diet and lifestyle. I was doing zero exercise up until now. I feel fitter and healthier than I have in about 10 years. I have lost 2 stones in this period and a total of 17 inches. My confidence is soaring. My friends cannot believe how positive and happy I am since I started training with Paul. Roll on the next 2 stone…… as this now seems so achievable than it did in January.
X Factor Auditions ( FREE WEEK of Sessions ) 

If you have recently booked a Free Week of Boxercise sessions, then please contact me asap, as classes are up to full capacity
Paul ūüôā