“These classes are addictive”

Would you like to be part of a community, and join an exercise program that isn’t a chore to attend?

One of my clients, Sri, had been living in London for a period, before she moved back up to Liverpool

She was looking for a exercise class, that had a good atmosphere and was going to help her lose the excess weight she’d put on, when she was pregnant

“After the first week of attending, I loved the variety of the classes. Each one was different. Its was a physical workout and a challenging workout, but equally enjoyable”

“In fact, I found it quite addictive. I wanted to come back”

Sri then signed up to one of my programs, but became pregnant again.

When she was able to, there was no hesitation in her wanting to come back to my classes

“The classes had worked previously. In fact, there was more classes on. They’d grown. I wanted this to be my core workout. I hadn’t seen anything else that was a complete workout, so there was no hesitation in me wanting to come back”

“Everyone is lovely and everyone helps each other along and supports each other. It never feels like a solo effort”

“My body shape has changed, but most importantly, I feel strong. I miss it when I don’t attend. I thoroughly enjoy it”

“These classes are addictive. They work” – Sri

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Paul ‘spice of life’ Coshott

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