This video caused ‘may hem’

Seeing the newspaper headlines this morning, and the word ‘ may hem’ being used ( due to Therasa may’s election campaign ), inspired me to title this email, ‘This caused may hem’. It’s about a video I did exactly 12 months ago now, which did literally cause mayhem, haha. It got viewed over 1000 times on my ‘Liverpool Personal Trainer’ facebook page 
The video was born out of shear frustration. And I was frustrated, because there were at the time, maybe a couple of people, who had paid for training packages, who just weren’t turning up to training sessions. 
Even now, it still frustrates me, when people pay for training sessions, and don’t turn up. The same thing can have with personal training sessions 
I understand that sometimes, people can get sick, or there’s other issues going on, and they cant make training sessions, but to just not turn up, can get my goat at times, haha 
I honestly put in, so much time to the sessions. I go over old notes, I practice new things, I continue reading, I put seminars on, I try and stay in touch with everyone, to see how they’re getting on etc, and I do this, because I want everyone to succeed 
Maybe I shouldn’t have done the video and posted it online. Some people where offended by it. I thought about taking it down, but then decided to leave it, using a different approach with people, and saying it how it is. 
Sometimes, I struggle too at times. I’ve got tones of experience in martial arts,and yet, about 70% of the time, I’ve had to drag myself along to the sessions. I’ve been battered loads of times. There’s times when I haven’t wanted to go to the gym. There’s also times, when mentally, I just haven’t been bothered doing anything, or there’s been other things on my mind 
But, being the trainer and coach, I have to try and lead from the front, and try and use my experience and skills, to help you and the rest of my clients, achieve what they truly desire.
The video contains the word ‘Fucking’

Sorry if you get offended with swear words. Personally, I hardly ever use them, or swear, but in this video, I did. We are our own life coaches, and how we communicate with ourselves, determines what we do and get. Sometimes, we have to use the word ‘fucking’ in our own internal vocabulary, for example, “lets fucking do this”. I’m sure this will get a much better response than, “lets do this”. Are you with me? 
4 Tips to help you stay motivated

The video does contain 4 quick tips, to help you stay motivated towards your goals:

1. Be Accountable. This is vital. Be accountable for your actions, regarding losing weight or something else. Get in touch with someone and let them know your goals

2. It takes “1 Fuc**ng hour. I know the weather can be nice at times, and we have other distractions, but remind yourself, a training session can only take about 1 hour. That’s it. Sometimes I tell myself this

3. Remind yourself why you started in the first place ie lose weight, get ready for a holiday, getting married etc 

4. How much money have you spent on the journey so far/ Make your money count. 

Do you buy supplements, maybe you’ve bought new gym gear or maybe you’ve paid to train with someone, and you just haven’t started yet? Its not for me to tell you how to spend your money, but certainly, if your buying these kind of things, they can certainly be expensive and add up. Make your money count
Well, if you’ve read the whole of this message, let me tell you now, I’m honestly a polite guy. I’ve raised money for charities and stuff, and I’m not some aggressive maniac you might think I am, if you watched the video, haha
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Paul 🙂