[Today] Deadline to register for Boxercise classes

Hope this message finds you well
Just a quick one this morning to remind you that today, is the deadline to book in for the Boxercise classes.
If you have been doing your Free Week trial this week, then don’t worry, however, if you still haven’t booked in for the Free Week trial, then you need to try and do this, this week. If you have done your Free Week trial, and you want to join the program, then we need to sort that out this week 
After this week  

After this week, I wont be taking on anymore clients for the regular Boxercise classes ( as they are already chocker ). Beginners will have to book in for the Beginners classes, on of a Tuesday evening 7.30pm Wednesday evening 7.45pm. Prices are also due to go up after next week as well ( for newcomers ) 
Class Timetable 

Monday 6.15pm Boxercise. 8pm Weight Training session 

Tuesday 6.15pm Boxercise. 7.30pm Boxercise

Wednesday 6.15pm Boxercise. 7.45pm Boxercise

Thursday 6-9pm Weight Training sessions 

Saturday 10-11 Boxercise
“Your classes are addictive, they work” Sri, Sept 16

Still unsure on my classes? Check out this interview I did with one of my clients, Sri, who has been attending my classes for a couple of years now. There’s about 20 video interviews I’ve done with clients, which can be see on my You tube channel. Just search for ‘Paul Coshott 
Paul 🙂