Train like Ronda Rousey

Have you heard of a women named Ronda Rousey? 
I hadn’t heard of her, up until about 12 months ago.
She is the former UFC Bantamweight champion, and is probably one of the most famous fighters from the UFC ( Ultimate Fighting Championships ) 
Although I heavily train in martial arts, I’ve never really had much interest in the UFC, until I seen her ( she’s quite attractive actually haha )
With all the publicity she was getting last year, I checked out some of her training videos, and I must say, I was well impressed. 
A Female Rocky 

If your looking for a ‘female Rocky’, then this women is it. She does Judo, Boxing, MMA etc. Her training videos are great, and very inspirational. They actually make you want to go the gym, haha. Check out the video connected to this email to get an idea
Want to train like her?

If you would like to train like her, then I can help you. Here’s how:

1. 20 years experience teaching Boxercise

2. 2nd Degree Black Belt in Japanese Ju Jitsu ( can teach you all the throws, locks, ground work ). Actually 18 years experience in this martial art

3. Brown Sash in Lau Gar Kung Fu ( Kickboxing style ). Can teach you all the blocking and striking, including kicking and pad drill. Almost 10 years experience in this martial art 

4. 20 months experience in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu ( ground fighting ) . New to this, but I have some extra skills for self defence training on the ground
Size 14, 16, 20+?

As with any beginner who attends my sessions, I will go through all the basics with you. Don’t worry if you have not exercised in a while. I will help you along. Once a good foundation is in place, then I will move you on to better movements, which will then help you burn more calories. There’s plenty of women who attend the sessions, who have been the above size, when they have started at my classes. Your only going to get fitter and slimmer, by attending, while becoming more confident. It doesn’t matter where you are, its were your going 

All classes are women only, and cater for women
FREE ‘Women Only’ Ju jitsu classes

If you are interested in attending Ju Jitsu, and want to learn throws, self defence on the ground etc, then you can attend the adult Ju Jitsu session on of a Wednesday evening, absolutely FREE. The class starts at 7.40pm

And finally, remember that there is a women only Kickboxing class, every Tuesday evening, 7.30pm at Topaz Dance Studio, Garston
Are you ready to start training and feeling like a champion? If so, then contact me

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Paul 🙂