Trumps in: What it means

Well, pretty soon, Donald Trump will be brought in as the next president of America 
I don’t really pay much attention to mainstream news, but I am aware of some of the things he did, and say, during his campaign 
Love him or hate him, from a marketing point of view, he flexed his muscles during his campaign, which is why he got the votes to get in ( he was the lesser of the 2 evils in my opinion )
I’m pretty hopeful that he will do good. and he may not turn out to be a bad choice in the end, but only time will tell
What it means…

For me, it doesn’t really matter who is in charge. There’s loads of things I don’t agree with, but I’m some one who tries to take charge of my own destiny and tries to do what I can, in order to help me and the people around me achieve their outcomes. 
When I teach my classes, I aim for them to be the best in the area, if not, the city. But sometimes I’ll spend some time thinking about the people who are attending, the issues they have, and how I can help them. And its not just adults, but children too

Tomorrow morning, I will be hanging around the Cricket club, after the Boxercise session, and talking about how you can make changes to your current situation. We all have the capacity to take control of our lives and decide what we really want, rather than being led by the media, or is or isn’t in charge of America. The session will start at 11am
Any questions, please make a note of them, and I will be happy to go through them with you
Hope to see you tomorrow 

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Paul 🙂