“Unmotivated, struggling”, is this you?

Have you felt unmotivated and struggled recently?
Here’s an interview that I did with a client of mine, Gemma, 12 months ago, who was attending my Boxercise sessions. Gemma was a member of a gym and also hired a Personal Trainer while she was at the gym, and still wasn’t feeling or seeing any results. Gemma felt it was time to try something new, so she got in touch with me and wanted to try out my classes. 
Gemma started off with the free week of classes and then after that, she was hooked. She found me “very motivating, enthusiastic and always smiling” and there were also plenty of other women in the class, that had been in her position  
“I get compliments from people”

Gemma also lost weight as a result of coming to my classes, as well as feeling more toned and motivated. 

The best result she feels she had from coming to my classes, was that people paid her compliments on how she looked and asked if she’d lost weight
Would you like help?

If you are serious about wanting to feel more confident, fitter and slimmer, then please get in touch with me asap, and find out how I can help you
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Paul 🙂