[video] do you get out of breath easily?

Do you feel yourself getting out of breath when you go up the stairs? 

No motivation to go to a gym? 

Do you suffer with asthma? Is it getting worse? 

If so, then Check out this video interview I did with one of my clients, lisa, on Saturday 

Lisa has been attending the boxercise classes for almost 3 months now 

Lisa suffers with asthma and this had been getting worse 

“I was getting in from work and not really doing any physical activity. I had no motivation to go to a gym and I wasn’t feeling very fit. I was weezing every time I went up the stairs” 

This had been going on for a couple of years and her health was suffering 

Lisa decided to get in touch with myself re my boxercise classes 

“I hadn’t done classes before, but I knew I needed to do something” 

Lisa came along for the free trail week 

“It was great. The other women in the group were very supportive” 

Lisa enjoyed the free week so much, that she signed up for 6 months 

“I was confident that this was for me and I wanted something that would take me towards Christmas” 

“I am a lot fitter now. I know I haven’t really focussed on weight, but I can feel a small difference in my clothes” 

“The main thing for me is that I feel a lot more confident now. I am more focussed. That’s the best aspect, my mental well being” 

“You have nothing to lose and everything to gain” 

To apply for a free trial week, please click the link here and fill out the short application form

Strictly Boxing Classes

Paul 🙂