What ‘dont’ you want 

Here’s a quickie for you guys tonight 

Yesterday, I ran a seminar, ’90 day action plan’, were i was helping everyone who attended, to put together a 90 day plan on what they wanted to achieve. 

I went over everything. 

What will it look like, what will it feel like, why do you want it etc ( after 90 days ) 

But, not everyone can do this. So…

Here’s another approach:

‘What don’t you want?’

Have a think about it 

Once you have established what you don’t want, that will then help us put a new plan in place:

How can I move away from this? 

Again, have a think. Make a list if it helps

Now, ask yourself, what are your 3 biggest frustrations in your life right now? What are the pay offs if you can erase them from your life? 

Have a think, and when you are ready, 

Put together an action plan 

Remember, I want you you all to smash this year. It’s time to make things happen 

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Paul 🙂