What type of mindset have you got, fixed mindset or growth mindset?

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What type of ‘MIndset’ do yo have?

A fixed mindset?

Or a growth mindset?

If you’re unfamiliar with these terms……..

Allow me top explain:

If you have a fixed mindset,

It means that you see yourself as the ‘finished product’  ( someone that cant change or cant be ‘improved’ )

If you have a growth mindset

It means that you see yourself as a ‘work in progress’ ( someone that can change and can be ‘improved’ )

Most Women I talk to,  would describe themselves as having a growth mindset

And for many,

This is TRUE

At least in some areas of their life

But very few people actually use this mindset in ALL areas of their life

Some are in great shape

But struggle being a mum, partner and in their career

Some are great being a mum, partner and have a great career

But struggle to stay in shape ( and have no time for friends or a social life )

In the past

I know I’ve had some pretty shit ares in my life ( putting it bluntly )

But one thing I did years ago

Was to invest in an NLP practitioner course. The most powerful course I have ever done

Its certainly helped me throughout the years, and has helped me get to where I am today

My advice to you today

If there’s something that you want in life…..

And there’s someone out there that can help you get it,

Don’t be afraid to invest in them

( even if its NOT me )

Because you’re NOT the finished article Baby Girl

Far from it

Paul ‘Growing lad’ Coshott

PS – If you DO think that I’m the man for the job….

And you DO want me to help you with your goals, confidence and weight loss etc, respond to this message and lets have a chat