Why you have no Willpower ( it’s not what you think )

Its a funny old thing willpower..

it’s talked about as some kinda of X-men style super power

something that only mutants possess

or like I used to think when I was broke and miserable

“Willpower is for boring f*ckers with no life “*

don’t tell me you’ve never thought that, BTW

Anyway, it’s actually something I’ve struggled with sometimes, over the years

its fickle..

really f*cking fickle

it comes and goes like the summer here in the Liverpool ( most of the time )

and when it ‘goes’ enough times..

you’ll get to that dark little place known as “Whats the f*cking point”

and resign yourself to another year of bullsh*t and going round in circles

doesn’t matter if its with your diet, your business or any habits you want to break or bring in

when you’re left with you vs willpower… willpower always loses

but i have a secret weapon.

and its NOT what you think it is

there’s no special ‘hack’ for this

no woo-woo, ‘manifestation’ nonsense



See, when your environment OPPOSES your goals?

you’re ONLY left with willpower

and THAT my friend is just one of the reasons my 6 week Women Only Body transformation challenge, works so well

being in an environment surrounded by women just like you

pushing to be better, overcoming obstacles and hitting goals…


unfortunately, its currently closed

but I’ll be opening it up again next week

in the meantime?

here’s some free training for you:


and when you’re ready?

drop me a message and I’ll send you some more details

Paul ‘willpower?” Coshott

PS- Nothing to see here today,

but thanks for checking