Will it be scary

Have you ever attended a goal setting seminar?

I sometimes forget that most people haven’t, or don’t even set goals

So, to clear up any confusion……

I thought it would be wise to give you a quick explanation of what a goal setting seminar is, and how it works, etc….

Basically, I’ll be at the front of the room, ‘presenting’ .

And you’ll be sitting down comfortably and watching

You wont need to join me at the front

You won’t even have to appear on camera

And you won’t have to talk over a microphone to me  ( I’ll be the only person doing that )

In fact, all you really need to do…..

Is show up and take some notes

If you do find that you want to participate in the conversation

You can do so…..

If that sounds good

Send me a text on the following number:


And I’ll reserve your spot

Paul ‘nothing to be scared of’ Coshott

PS – If this is YOUR first seminar……

Make sure that you have your bank card on you..

Before its over

I’m going to present you with a VERY special opportunity…..

And I’d HATE for you to miss out