Woman collapses after 3 stone weight loss


Yesterday, when I was training a client, I was explaining to her the importance of taking in protein, carbs and fats, and the roles of what each macro does

This lead on to her telling me, that one of her neighbours, lost 3 stone and then collapsed

This happened after the women went 4/5 weeks without carbs

Certainly not good, and definitely not the right approach to take

I hear this all the time, “Oh, I’m goin on oliday in a few weeks time, I just wont eat or I’ll cut out carbs”

This is not what I teach my clients

Its all about balance, getting physically and mentally stronger, getting fitter, healthier, reducing Body fat %, feeling more confident

You’ll never hear me preach about the ‘no carbs before marbs’ approach

Its only about 12 weeks now until mid summer ( i’m counting because I’m going to Vegas )

What approach are you taking, in order to get in shape and have the energy for the Summer?

Paul ‘just about to have pasta’ Coshott

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