* NEW PROGRAM: Starting Thursday 1st October – 6pm and 7pm. Only 6 places available in each time slot. Sessions held at my private studio, Mercer street, Garston L19 2 NR. Paul Coshott – Liverpool Personal Trainer

The Weight Training classes, are part of my Women Only Body Transformation program. These classes  focus more on inch loss, rather than weight loss, while educating you about weight training and helping you become more confident in a gym environment. Here’s whats included within a 6 week course:

1. Up to 12-14 private group weight training sessions
2. Up to 36 Women Only Boxing Classes ( which will focus more on weight loss )
3. A personalised program
4. Monitored workouts
5. Progressed workouts
6. Mobility Workout ( video )
7. Weekly 1-2-1 Coaching calls
8. 2 Diet plans. The first one, which has a great track record amongst the Women that attend, and who have attended my classes, which focuses on eating regularly, slightly increasing protein, water intake, taking in carbohydrates at the right times and taking a supplement. If you follow this to the word, you have the potential to lose a couple of lbs a week. The second one is more personalised, based on the calories you need to take in, in order to help you achieve your goal. This is a 3 day diet plan. You will need to take your weight and then pass it to me, for me to be able to put this plan together.
9. Free Training Video. This will help and support you in the Boxing classes. You do not have to attend the Boxing classes, however, they are available to you, so you are doing some cardio training with the group, throughout the week.
10. Free Training Handout. Again, this will help and support you in the Boxing classes, as well as points on how to use the focus pads
11. Invitation to join our ‘Strictly Boxing’ Facebook page, where you will have access to: A Video which is pinned to the top of the page, explaining how to get the most from the program. Home workouts ( in case you miss any sessions ), Cook Books, Smoothie packs, Cheat recipes ( which get loaded up weekly ), Questions and Answers file ( to help support you ), and weekly training videos ( which will be taken from a class during the week, to show you what we’re currently working on ), And finally, I will upload an ‘Accountability form’ every Friday, so you can let me know were you’re up to and if you need any help with anything

The main goal of my programs, is to help Women feel more confident again in a particular area. If you are struggling to lose weight, or your weight loss has hit a plateau, weight training will help you overcome this, as it will help build up muscle tone, and as a result, your metabolism will speed up, and therefore your body fat % will start coming down.


*PLEASE NOTE: The Free Week trial has to be pre booked. Please wear something that you are comfortable in and bring a drink. Also, please wear appropriate footwear
*I can also provide Weight Training for Men, which is done through Personal Training

7 Benefits for Women lifting weights:

  1. Faster Metabolism
    Muscle is more metabolically active than fat, therefore you are burning more calories while at rest
  2. More Calories burned
    Muscle takes up less space than fat. 1Lb of resting muscle can burn between 30 – 50 calories daily compared to fat, which burns no calories
  3. Reduction in Body fat %
    As you gain more muscle tone, your body fat % will come down and therefore creating a more sexier shape
  4. Increase in Energy
    Resistance training causes an increase in energy expenditure, hours after you train. Strength will also elevate your level of endorphines, helping you elevate your mood
  5. Heart Health
    Weight training can lead to a drop in blood pressure as well as decreasing waist circumference and elevated glucose levels
  6. Bone Health
    As you age, you are at risk of losing both muscle and bone mass. Post menopausal women are at greater risk of osteoporosis, because the body no longer secretes estrogen. Resistance training is an excellent way to combat loss of bone mass and it decreases the risk of osteoporosis
  7. Better Quality sleep
    Strength training greatly improves sleep quality, aiding in your ability to fall asleep faster, sleep deeper and wake less often during the night

What my Clients Say:

jill“In 6 Weeks of attending the group weight training program, with Paul, the ‘Liverpool Personal Trainer’, I lost 6lbs and felt stronger and fitter and could feel the difference in my clothes. I also became more confident with using weights. the group is very friendly and I got great instruction”



sarah“The Sessions with Paul, ‘Liverpool Personal Trainer’, were informative, educational, fun, difficult at times but always made to feel comfortable with achievable goals. After attending the course, I felt stronger, no more back pain and look so much better. I highly recommend the program”



Class Timetable

These are part of my, ‘Liverpool Personal Trainer – Total Body Transformation program’, and focuses more on inch loss, rather than weight loss.

Monday 8pm: Upper body workout – Focusing on the muscle groups of the Upper back ( bra area ), Chest and Shoulders
Tuesday 7.40pm: ‘Bingo Night’ – Focusing on the muscle groups of the upper arms ( Biceps and Triceps )
Thursday 6pm, 7pm, and 8pm: Leg and Bum workout – Focusing on the muscle groups of the Front and Back thighs and Bum area
Each weight training program is done over 12 weeks, and it is broken up into 3 stages:
Phase 1: Fat Reduction – 4 weeks
Phase 2: Toning – 4 weeks
Phase 3: Weight loss and Toning – 4 weeks
Half way through the program, after the first 6 weeks, the upper body workout will move to Thursday night, and the lower body workout will move to Monday
All participants sign up to 6 or 12 week courses. The sessions are held at Liverpool Personal Trainer studio, Mercer street, Garston L19 2NR

Please phone me for further details 07887868872 Paul