Would you like more confidence?

Do you want to start feeling a lot more confident and fitter? 

Here’s an interview I’ve done with one of my clients, Kathy 

Kathy has been attending my boxercise classes for 3 months now and has been absolutely brilliant

Before Kathy attended my program, she had been having a very sedentary lifestyle and this had been going on for a number of years 

“I was stuck in a rut. I just couldn’t be bothered doing anything. I would get asked to join in on walks, but couldn’t be bothered” 

Kathy seen my Boxercise videos on Facebook and YouTube and inquired about attending. She booked in for a free week of classes, and that was it

“I wanted something interesting and was good to do. I could really feel the benefits of the classes after the free week”

After having a little chat with Kathy after the free week, she was so confident with the program, that she booked 6 months 

“I wanted to challenge myself and wanted to be in better shape by Christmas”

Kathy talks about her achievements since joining the program, but really, they are an understatement for what she has achieved 

“I’ve actually lost 22cms from all over my body and lost weight” 

“I really enjoy it. It’s very enjoyable. The people are really friendly and I have a great laugh”

“I feel a lot more confident now and fitter” 

If you are interested in feeling the benefits of my boxercise and weight training programs, then please get in touch.

Not so sure I can take anymore people on at the moment, but if your interested in starting in January, please let me know asap

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Paul 🙂